About Piermont Grand 星水嘉园

Piermont Grand is a newly and only launch Executive Condo in 2019. Please come back to check for more information about this development.

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Why Buy Executive Condo?

Due to the public housing rules, executive condominiums were introduced to cater to Singaporeans, as an affordable substitute to private condominiums. Read more here

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Eligibility & Criteria to own Executive Condo

There are different criteria a buyer must meet to be able to own an Executive condominium. Here are the major eligibility conditions...

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Executive Condominium

Welcome to piermontgrandsumang.sg

Are you looking for the latest EC launches? Perhaps you need detailed information on where they are situated and/or where they will be launched? Then you have come to the right place.

Why you should consider buying an Executive Condominium?

  • Exclusive facilities – From basic to luxurious to entertainment, Executive Condominiums in Singapore are designed in a way that they include all the facilities you can desire. You enjoy private property facilities with your friends and families only.
  • Own a luxury property – Become the owner of a stylishly furnished EC in Singapore plus relax in a deluxe environment.
  • Well-equipped and cost-effective – Apart from being economical, the ECs are well-equipped with facilities that add to the list of its amazing benefits.
  • Capital Appreciation - Compare to mass market condos, ECs are usually priced cheaper at launch price which implies there is a default” built-in benefit.
  • Worthwhile investment - Investment in an EC always brings along numerous profitable benefits.
  • Good potential rental yield - Despite being priced lower, executive Condominium has a good potential rental yield compared to private condominiums.
  • Amazing structural designs - The designs of Executive Condominium (EC) are comparable with, if not better than those of private condominiums.

Piermont Grand EC 星水嘉园

Piermont Grand Executive Condo is the latest exciting project since most of the EC launches recently have already been sold. Located in a serene and lively environment, it presents an opportunity for buyers who are looking for a new EC right in the heart of Punggol.


It features top-class and unique facilities that can offer undiluted convenience to your family and loved ones. They include children’s playground, clubhouse, a guard house, indoor gym, function room, tennis court, sun deck, 50m swimming pool, and BBQ pits.

Talk of its interior finishing, Piermont Grand EC is furnished with world class facilities not counting other facilities for fitness, entertainment, socialization, and extra-curricular activities. It also features a spacious function room, a standard indoor gym, and a well-equipped playground for children plus a clubhouse among others.

Furthermore, Piermont grand residents will be able to access Punggol Settlement, Waterway Point shopping mall, Punggol MRT and even Coney Island which is just a walking distance away from some family fun-filled gatherings. Being the first Punggol integrated waterfront residential with retail development, Piermont Grand comprises 820 units of various layouts and sizes and 13 residential blocks of over 9-18 storeys.

Piermont Grand Executive Condo Demand due to CPF Hosing Grant

Executive Condominiums offer great value to different buyer profiles, particularly to the first applicants as they have access to an extra $30K. Executive Condominiums are in shortage in Singapore. Consequently, there is a real demand for subsidized housing especially those ones near the Waterfront living. Piermont Grand fits the conditions as it is directly opposite the Punggol Waterway. This makes it a perfect first timer home for your family.

Piermont Grand Location

Future development in Punggol.

Situated in Punggol North, Punggol Digital District (PDD) is envisioned to be a vibrant and inclusive district underpinned by cutting-edge technology and social innovation to make everyday living more convenient and sustainable. PDD will be the first district to adopt a one integrated masterplan approach that brings together a business park, a university and community facilities which will be connected to the greater Punggol area, potentially transforming the way we work, live, learn and play in the future.

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SBpl95qxNU

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21st July 2019